Why every service should be like Kindle

I always read on my Kindle device before I go to sleep. The next day I commute to work using public transportation. When I open Kindle on my mobile phone it asks me if I want to continue where I left off before I dozed of. When I return home I usually catch up on industry world news on my iPad. After I’ve done that I often times open the iPad Kindle app and I can continue reading where I stopped when I arrived at the station.

I really love the way I get a continuous experience regardless of the device I use. Why are there so many services that don’t do this.

  • Why doesn’t Twitter (or tweetdeck) sync the furthest read tweet so I have to scroll through my timeline when I move from my phone to my laptop.
  • Why doesn’t Spotify load the queue I was listening on my phone when I start Spotify on my desktop (I know they know when I switch between the desktop app and my mobile device)?
  • Why does Zite keep showing me stuff I’ve already seen?
  • Why doesn’t Facebook keep track what items I have and haven’t read?

Some services do get it.

  • Exchange syncs my read and unread mails between phone, pc, tablet, web and more.
  • ….
  • ….
  • I honestly can’t think of a third one.

I’m calling on everyone who is planning to build a service to keep multiple devices in mind when architecting it.

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Posted: January 3rd, 2012
Categories: Technology
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